now i'm here and i can't stop thinking 'bout you

Welcome to hot like the block in the summertime, a fansite for New Kids on the Block as well as a New Kids on the Block album fanlisting collective. (in menu to the left)

I have been a fan of New Kids on the Block since I was 11 years old, and when they announced their reunion after fifteen years, I couldn't believe how excited and amazing I felt inside. Just a little boy band, not really, not to a lot of their fans. They were much more than that. I know that to me they meant my first favorite band, my first crush, my first time being a fan of something like that. And I remained a fan all of these years.

This site is in honor of something that meant so much to me, and continues to mean so much to me. I will always remember that time of my life, and now that they are back, I am feeling that same warm, excited, happiness inside of me, and I didn't think I could ever feel like this again.


 2 in the Morning  Back To Life  Big Girl Now  Block Party  Click Click Click  Close To You  Crash  Don't Cry  Fighting Gravity  Full Service  Grown Man  Hangin' Tough  Jealous (Blue)  Jordan Knight Albums  Let's Go Out With A Bang  Lights, Camera, Action  Looking Like Danger  Miss You More  Now Or Never  Officially Over  One Song  Put It On My Tab  Remix (I Like The)  Sexify My Love  She's A Killer  Single  Stare At You  Summertime  Survive You  Take My Breath Away  The Whisper  Twisted  Wasted On You  We Own Tonight  With Me  You Got It (The Right Stuff)

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