solo careers

After their split in 1994, while we were all very much saddened by the news, this gave the guys a chance to venture out into solo careers. Jordan, Joey, and Danny continued with recording music. Donnie went on to movies and television, and Jon left the public life behind, for real estate.

I followed all of their solo efforts, and was very excited to see them back doing something musically or on tv/movies. I must admit that Jordan and Joey were as awesome as ever, and I loved their new songs. They stayed with the pop/dance music, which was still appealing to me, even after most of the music I listened to later on was mostly rock/alternative. This meant that what they had to offer was more to me than the genre, but themselves. Danny's music was the rock/alternative I love, and he has great talent, it was a bit covered up when he performed with NKOTB, so I was glad to hear it! And Donnie, television and movies. He is a fantastic actor! I loved his work in Boomtown, and I hear (from my daughter) that the Saw movies were good too, I may watch, just because Donnie is in them...

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